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Gara fish

Small fish in river

Standing by the edge of the Gara river I noticed what I assumed were tadpoles. On closer inspection they’re small fish. The river was in flood a few days ago, I wonder if these fish are “local”, or if they’ve travelled downstream with the water.


  1. Richard Watson says:

    The fish look very similar to our minnows, and I assume they were the about the same size. One of them looks to very full of spawn, so they wouldn’t appear to be fry but fully grown fish.

    I don’t think they were carried down on the flood as fish are extremely resilient and nearly always find a back eddy or big boulder to hide behind out of the main force of the flow.

    Nice picture though and the water must have been very clear by the time ou took it.

  2. Monte says:

    These are gambusia (mosquito fish). A common introduced pest.

  3. gordon says:

    Well, there you go. Thanks for the information Monte.

  4. Monte says:

    No problem. Thanks for the interesting photoblog 🙂 I’m a regular viewer.

  5. Richard Watson says:

    I’ve just looked up mosquito fish on
    which is a very comprehensive survey site. There are an incredible number of gambusia sub species but the one commonly called mosquito fish in Australia is apparantly gambusia affinis which is a live bearer so my comment on spawn would appear to be incorrect. A native of north and central America introduced around the world as aquarium fish.

  6. Azhari Dain says:

    They thrive well in Singapore too. A very resilient fish and its a good species if you want to introduce kids who want to start rearing fish. Sadly, they are also caught to feed bigger aquarium fishes.

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