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Wild sorghum

Wild sorghum

As best I can determine these are seed heads of a native grass – “Wild Sorghum” (Sorghum leiocladum). I can’t find any decent images online to help identify the grass – so I took my own macro shots to put online in case it helps anybody else. We have large patches of this grass – the reddish seed heads form a splash of colour (almost) against the greens and browns of the rest of the property.

I’m quite impressed at how sharp the image is given that I photographed the grass out in the paddock, waving in the breeze, in the late afternoon light.

[Corrections gratefully received]

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  1. yeled says:

    You’ll need more than a macro to figure out a grass. A microscope and a very fine scalpel may do.. and the CSIRO key for grasses perhaps ..

    I don’t know any botanists who specialise in grass.. it’s too much pain 🙂

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