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Koala in comfy seat

Koala sitting comfortably atop tree

I’ve posted photographs of koalas before. The difference here though, is that this koala was only about 30m (100ft) from our house. It’s the first one we’ve seen in our 5 years at this location. They might be more common than we know but, with thousands of trees around here, they’re hard to spot.

Using a 510 mm lens (at 35 m equivalent) to take this shot, the koala was about 18m (60ft) above ground, and about 25m (80ft) from where I’m standing.

[Nikon D70 | 1/400 sec | f4.8 | ISO200]

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  1. valerie says:

    Now I’m suffering from koala envy. He(?)’s gorgeous. I’ve stood beneath a tree I’d been told contained a koala, and had a hard time spotting them. Great photo, thanks.

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