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Water spouts

Update: those more expert than I, describe these as condensation funnels or landspouts.

Water spouts

Something quite uncommon appeared in the sky near Armidale this afternoon. A water spout (or two). It wasn’t especially hot today, nor did I notice any storms around. There were some localised rain showers in the area though.

Water spouts

As usual the high contrast between white and black in the clouds makes for challenging post-processing. The result is something that attempts to highlight the waterspouts rather than faithfully reproduce the lighting at the time.


  1. Amanda Taylor says:

    Oh My GOD that is scary. I thought those only happened in USA, freak of nature definitely

  2. Hi,

    My name is Jimmy Deguara. Yes it is a landspout – not a waterspout – the weaker cousins of the tornado family. It develops under cumulus clouds or thunderstorms located along boundaries. They can often develop several at a time as we experienced on our recent storm chasing trip to the US –

    In one afternoon, we saw at least 8 – 10 landspouts a couple of tornadoes.


    Jimmy Deguara

  3. Michael Cramp says:


    I was so glad to see someone had captured it on film.

    I was in a car driving past in a hire car at the time and thinking it was a twister forming up. Got the adrenaline pumping at the time.

    Felt very special to have seen one with my own eyes.

    Good shot. Where you in the car parked at the side of the road?

  4. Andre Dalton says:


    Im very impressed – great shots – were these the only ones seen on the day? And could you give us an approximate location of where they were? I had a friend that lived on Ellowera Road….My father-in-law to be said he saw something funnel shaped to the south of Glen Innes aswell…



  5. micky james says:

    Add some more details it was to short and have

  6. Micky James says:

    more details smaller pictures

  7. Micky James says:

    and talk more about how the waterspout forms and stuuf like that.

  8. Shelti says:

    I have seen many cool tornadoes and twisters in my life but I have never seens anything like C.W.’s big butt

  9. halle' says:

    i had 10 tornados in my town and dang i have never seen a single one

  10. James Taylor says:

    Great picture, however what you were observing was a (Funnel Cloud) Had it touched down to the ground it would have been titled a tornado. Water spouts form over a body of water and start at the surface and work there way upward. When observing a funnel cloud over water, it only becomes a water spout when it comes in contact with the water. Official name would be (Tornadic Water spout)since it formed from the clouds and not the water. Cheers to all, again, great pic!!

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