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Grey fox

Grey fox

This animal passed by, close to the house. I grabbed the camera but didn’t manage to catch other than some blurry shots as the animal went in and out of view as it passed through some scrub. I assumed it was a fox. Then, on first viewing this shot, I thought it might be a dingo. The tail was fox-like, but the colouring and snout didn’t seem very Red-Fox-like. However, on reflection, I think it’s just an old fox – grey with years.


  1. Lynn heins says:

    Hi! I live in Northampton ma….was just closing the curtains in our living room, and one of these walked right up on our back deck with me standing dead still, came within inches of me on the other side of the glass and pranced off the deck into our bushes and went under the wood fence. Cool! I grabbed my camera and went outside but he was long gone. Lots of woods and a marsh around us. :O)

  2. Mike Guessetto says:

    I work at an airport and I took a pic of an animal that looked exactly like this one above, thank you for sharing your photo because I didnt know what it was. I’m from North Andover, Ma and that is exactly how my mystery animal looks.

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