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Mist ascending

Morning mist

For the past few days the sun has risen with a short but magnificent display of colour in the eastern sky; this is followed by mist ascending from the valley – quite thick mist on a couple of occasions. The dogs and I, therefore, have been out walking at the best time of the day (in my opinion). Here’s a shot from a recent morning taken just outside the house as the mist thickens up.


  1. Dulcie Bat says:

    How very lovely–and mysterious. (No pun, really!)

    Dulcie Bat

  2. Angie the Hippo says:

    What a beautiful picture!

  3. malc says:

    I’m very impressed; there is aso much detail of the trees in the background. Any chance you could add the details of the shot (apature, shutter speed, ISO, lens, camera, etc…) for us too?
    To my eye I might like it with a bit more depth to the colour; though that might just be my (uncalibrated) work monitor…

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