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Reverse bungee

Reverse bungee jump - up instead of down

Here we see some adventurous souls, strapped in their capsule, being flung upwards from the ground in a reverse bungee jump. They start at ground level and are flung upwards at a great rate of knots. What goes up, must come down, then up, then down, then … From my recent trip to Auckland, NZ.


  1. Alicia says:

    Wow, adventurous souls indeed. I would be scared out my mind. Is the reverse bungee something offered as a ride like an amusement park or did these people setup the thing themselves?

  2. Letisha says:

    Can you or do you know where we could hire a reverse bungee jump, we are situated in Blackwater Q 4717, and we are wanting for our company christmas party

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