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Eriochilus autumnalis

A pretty little terrestrial orchid that appears around our property at this time of year (it’s about 4 inches tall, and an inch across). It’s an Eriochilus autumnalis (a.k.a. Heairy-leaf Parson’s Bands (like the neck bands worn by a minister of parson in some churches)).

[An entry to the “macroday” challenge].


  1. LOL! Made me chuckle! Fantastic caption and really great shot!

  2. John Richards says:

    Beautiful shot. I had a look through my books and some Web sites and this is the best I have seen.
    Had a quick trip to Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago detouring via Point Lookout and found some really interesting orchids on the road linking Point Lookout and the Kempsey / Armidale road.

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