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Rural-scape: grassland, fence, old power pole

What does “rural” mean to me? I live “rurally”. I live in the midst of farmland. Everything around me is rural. How can I convey that to others? Is it the land, the animals, the buildings, all of above? In the end I decided on this image. Paddocks (looking quite meadow-like at this time of year), old tumble-down fences, an old power pole, and gum trees behind.

An entry to Photo Friday: Rural challenge.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I have the same problem you do in defining what is rural. When looking at all the “Rural” submissions, what is there about an image that exactly conveys “rural”? To me, a typical landscape photos doesn’t do it. As one dictionary definition puts it: Of or relating to people who live in the country. To me, there has to be something about the image that indicates people live, or lived, there and it has to be obvious that the location is, in fact, in the country.

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