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Snake-necked turtle

This Snake-necked Turtle, Chelodina longicollis, was spotted down by the dam late this afternoon.

Australian snake-necked turtle
Turtles are quite shy creatures so this one hides her long neck around the side of her shell but keeps an eye on me.

Turtle egg chamber
The turtle was first spotted here. She’s been preparing an egg chamber for her clutch of eggs.


  1. shaun groves says:

    do the snake necked turtle have clawed webbed feet?

  2. shaun groves says:

    does the snake necked turtle have a scientific name relate to a NSW river?

  3. amanda puckeridge says:

    could someone please tell me what to do my long neck turtle has laid her eggs in the water in her tank what should i do??? do i take them out leave them or what????

  4. Luke says:

    Take them out, they need to be partly buried in some soil with the tops exposed, and if possible, incubated.
    The turtles can’t hatch under water

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