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Quality not quantity

I’ve become more and more aware over the past several weeks that, in my efforts to post photographs and podcast audio commentary on a daily basis, the daily goal has become the daily drudge. Quantity has increased, quality has decreased. I’ve produced 106 podcasts in 104 consecutive days.

I feel that I’m now taking many of my photographs just for the sake of filling a blank space on a daily web page rather than taking a photograph because I’m interested in the subject matter, or because it’s technically challenging, or whatever.

So, to break my habit, I’m not going to post an image today – I didn’t take any photographs today.

I’ll now post every few days when I feel I have something to display that wasn’t done just to fill a blank space. That’s not to say I’m going to stop taking photographs recording life in rural Australia – I’ll still do that – but there will also (I hope) be project-based output (he says without much of an idea yet just what that will be).

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  1. PhotoSydney says:

    Sounds like a good idea – a break or change of direction is in order. I think the only people who canaintain a blog every day relentlessly are those who are genuinely, and scarily, obsessed with what they’re writing about (does this explain why there are so many terrible blogs out there?).

    Anyway – great site. Update it when you can – and keep the podcasts! (I love those things)

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