The smoking hills

It’s not even summer and we’ve got our first bushfire (wildfire) in the area. It was 42 degC (107 F) in many parts of the state today with 44 degC (111 F) being the maximum. It was “only” 34 degC (93 F) here. I hope this doesn’t mean an exceptionally hot summer coming up!

An audioBlog accompanies these photographs [3.5 Mbytes, 6 min 41 sec duration]. The audio commentary is also distributed as a podcast. You need to subscribe to my RSS2 feed towards the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you need to use aggregator software capable of utilising this. The photographs are also included within the .mp3 file. View them via Apple’s iTunes artwork function on a PC or Mac, for example.

Ants at work moving beetle shell
Ants work together to haul a beetle shell back to their nest.

Flowers amongst the blackthorn bush
There are two plants here. The green bush is a blackthorn; the flowers are sitting within it. Perhaps I’m just seeing survival of the fittest here. The flowers not protected from those wanting to eat it have already gone.

Bushfire 1
I saw this fire yesterday, from further away. Today it looks larger.

Bushfire 2
I went for a drive to get an idea of the general area in which the fire was burning.

Bushfire 3
The fire is about 25 km (15 miles) from us. No need to worry yet. It’s a concern, though, that bushfires have started so early in the season.

Stump reclining
This stump looks like is sitting back, “arms” outstretched, enjoying the heat.

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