Water and thunder

A common theme through today’s photographs is water and thunder. The summer storm season is in warm-up mode.

An audioBlog accompanies these photographs [3 Mbytes, 6 min 59 sec duration]. The audio commentary is also distributed as a podcast. You need to subscribe to my RSS2 feed towards the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you need to use aggregator software capable of utilising this.

Dew on strawberry leaf
The morning started with what I, at first, thought was frost on the strawberry leaves. But then I realised if wasn’t quite cold enough. It’s just dew. Fine dew.

Dark clouds and thunder
By the middle of the afternoon the teasing storm clouds drifted by. Thunder a-plenty, but little action.

Water sits in clover
The clover will no doubt appreciate a little watering.

Swans swim at dusk
Swans swim on the Gara River at dusk. A family group by the trees at the river’s edge.

Sunset tinged thunder clouds
The edges of the thunder clouds are tinged by the last light of the sunset. The almost-rolling hills have greened up nicely after the recent rains. There’s no volume to the grass yet, but at least it looks the part – prettier than the crisp, brown, dead grass of seasons past.

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