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Rainy creek

I was heading to our creek today – then it rained. It’s a slippery trek down to the creek in the rain but I decided that if I took it slowly I’d get down there safely with the camera and tripod. About 300m (350 yards) of creek flows through our property. In that 300m it flows through a flat channel at the upstream end, and a 6m (20ft) deep mini-gorge with sheer rock face at the downstream end. Tea-trees (Leptospermum) are common on each side of the creek.

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Hibertia - Guinea flower
On the way down to the creek I passed several shrubs which I believe to be Hibertia – Guinea Flower.

Fallen tree
This tree pivoted over on its root system over a year ago. The tree’s still alive as part of its root sytem is still firmly implanted in the ground.

Creek 1
Water plants and water’s edge.

Creek 2
Mini waterfall with no water. This side channel only flows when the water level’s higher than we see it today.

Creek 3
Looking downstream – left channel.

Creek 4
Looking downstream – right channel.

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