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Fauna and flora of the day

A quiet day back at the ranch. Weatherwise, a cool change has moved through so the temperatures have dropped enough to remind us that winter isn’t that far behind us.

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Frog in flower pot
This frog squeezed out of the nozzle of the watering can when I started watering this flower pot.

Amazingly, the dogs completely ignored this blue-tongued lizard as we walked down the track this morning.

Stackhousia monogyna
More spring flowers. I believe this is Stackhousia monogyna – Cream Candles.

Fabaceae in flower
Another member of the pea family, Fabaceae.

The landscape I pass on my way home from town.

Dead tree
A dead gum tree. Due to heavy grazing, all too many trees reach the end of their natural life without young trees taking their place.

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