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Around the paddock

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I had a walk around the Creek Paddock this afternoon. Unstrangely enough, it’s been given this name because it our paddock through which a small creek flows.

Heavily lichened tree with blossom
A couple of weeks ago I photographed an old tree in full bloom. I thought it was perhaps a cherry tree. Next to it is a lichen-heavy tree which looks pretty dead. Just the other day I noticed that this “dead” tree was sprouting a few blossoms of its own. Here we see the mass of lichen, with a blossom or two.

Feral goats on the run
Every now and again we receive a visit from a herd of feral goats. Feral in the sense that they don’t belong to anybody, and they come and go as they please. They ran off when I headed towards them. They’re pretty nimble on the rocks of our mini-gorge.

Wattle in flower
Coming back up the hill from tracking the goats across the creek I almost walked into this wattle in flower at head height. I’m more used to seeing this type of wattle as a small bush but this specimen was about 3 or 4 metres tall.

Lone pea flower peeping over rock
Just a little further up the side of the hill I noticed this solitary Pea flower peeking over the lichen-clad rock. For all the world it looks as if it’s doing its “Peek-a-boo” act.

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  1. Foto Faker says:

    Your goat-pic looks like a dreamy wonderland.
    More of it.

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