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Work, rest and play

[An experimental audioBlog accompanies these photographs, 2 Mbytes, 5 min 50 sec duration.
The audio file is also distributed as an RSS enclosure if you subscribe to my RSS2 feed towards the bottom of the right hand column on this page and you use aggregator software capable of utilising this].

Courtyard work in progress
The new central courtyard at the University of New England nears completion – albeit late. The foreshortening caused by the telephoto lens makes the area smaller than it really is. The building to the rear is several hundred metres from where I was standing.

Video-conference in progress
I participated in a video-conference this afternoon- I’m the handsome one on the left.

Photo of bike under stairs with flash
Leaving work this evening I saw this bike tied to the metal stairway. I’m pretty sure it’s been there for a few days now. I took the opportunity in passing to test the internal flash on the Nikon D70. It’s not the world’s most powerful in-camera flash, but adequate enough. (The flash on my Coolpix 5700 is better).

New iMac G5
Two floors below my office is the ITshop. I didn’t know that they have a new iMac G5 on display! I’ll have to pay a visit tomorrow to check it out. (No flash used here – I took this shot through a security window – the reflection of a flash would have blown away the shot).

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