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After the rain

[An experimental audioBlog accompanies these photographs, 2 Mbytes, 5 min 32 sec duration.
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Cattle on the road (at the river crossing)
There were tens of cattle on the road as I drove home this afternoon. Mothers and calves. The calves were obviously used to vehicles – they kept their distance but didn’t run off.

River over the causeway
From the mid-point over the causeway (as seen in the previous photograph) looking downstream on the Gara River. The rain of the previous few days was enough to cause some flow.

Wattle flowering yellow admist the green
Taken at the eastern end of our property, these roos watched me pass by. They hide well in full view. I only saw 4 roos plus the swamp wallaby on the right of centre. If you look carfefully though, there are 5 roos.

The wattle is in full flower. This is the time of year that such wattles stand out from the more everyday green.

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