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Rain, rain, come again …

[An experimental audioBlog accompanies this photograph, 2 Mbytes, 5 min 30 sec duration.
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Yes, you’re right. We are fixated by any promise of enough rain to break the drought. Here’s a progression of images illustrating the change from pretty-light to getting-heavier rain as the day progressed.

These people thought the rain heavy enough to warrant umbrellas as they walk between buidlings.

Rain on window
Looking out of the office window. The hills in the background are all but obscured by the rain falling.

Rain on car window
I picked my truck up from the garage where it had had a service. The rain had collected on the side window. It looks dark and inhospitable outside.

Driving in the rain
Driving in heavy’ish rain. It looks like the windscreen had been smeared with vaseline, but no, it’s just water.

… and more rain is forecast for tomorrow. Time will tell.

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