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Natural and un-natural

[An experimental audioBlog to accompany these photographs can be found here, 1.1 Mbytes, 4 min 33 sec duration.
The audio file is also distributed as an “RSS enclosure”].

Mother roo and joey in pouch

Natural: Mother ‘roo sits, mid-chew, looking at me. It’s not a perfect shot, what with the wooden post in front of mum, but she hopped off soon after I took this shot. It illustrates that you need to take several shots leading up to the one you actually want, just in case you don’t get to get the shot you’re looking for!

If you look carefully you can see the joey’s head visible above mum’s pouch.

The greenery belongs to a wattle, Acacia Dawsonii, with yellow flowers about to burst forth.

Man-made lines: buildings and rails

Unnatural: Man-made objects fill this image. In the foreground the stairway and rails. Rail in front and behind the stairway. Behind the rails is a flat-roofed building. A satellite dish adds to the unnaturalness. Behind that building is a roof, on the left, and a chimney, on the right, belonging to the building that was the original homestead on these grounds. Behind that, the clouds. A multi-layered construction.

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