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At the Old Teachers College

[An experimental audioBlog to accompany these photographs can be found here, 1.04 Mbytes, 4 min 19 sec duration.
The audio file is also distributed as an “RSS enclosure”].

Old Teachers College - Armidale
The Old Teachers College, aka Old College of Advanced Education, now C.B. Newling campus of the University of New England.

Magnolia Campbellii (I think)
Magnolia Campbellii (I think) in flower. The Pink Tulip Tree.

[Update: June 21, 2005. Richard Windsor corrects my caption: “The magnolia featured at the old Teachers College is not M. campbelli but is one of the many clones of M. x soulangeana . These are much more common.” Thanks Richard.]

Detail of magnolia flower
Detail of magnolia flower.

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