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Off the Trax

Looking outside from inside the Trax Bistro

This image is taken looking out from inside the Trax Bistro at the Railway Hotel. It’s an interesting photograph (to me at least) because of the dozen or so discrete components it presents. For example, the metal roof, the satellite dish, the treated green power pole on the extreme right, the fence …

You’ll have to listen to the audio for the unabridged story 🙂

[An experimental audioBlog to accompany this photograph can be found here, 1.7 Mbytes, 7min 2sec duration.

Audio files are also distributed as “RSS enclosures”].

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  1. Miff says:

    Nae bad at’a lad – for a foreign geet – even I appreciated yer language – and thats sayin somethin!!!! Keep up the gweed work, an I’ll keep lookin!!!!!

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