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Theme Thursday: Cliche

Theme Thursday: Cliche

“It’s all water under the bridge”. But it set me thinking. Even assuming a common language, how do cliches cross geographical and cultural lines? I don’t have too many bridges in my part of the world, there aren’t any large rivers to speak of. But “It’s all water over the causeway” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it (even when there’s enough rain to have the river flow over the causeway!).

[I think the image has been degraded somewhat by the amount of glare present. My lesson learned is to think about what the camera sees rather than just what the eye sees!].

[An entry to the Theme Thursday: Cliche challenge].


  1. myla says:

    That was my father’s favorite. . . I’m glad to see someone used it. I love the deep blues and golds in this, nice capture!

  2. Tine says:

    good picture for the theme

  3. nantel says:

    Better than a bridge under water 😉

  4. Sandra Rocha says:

    you’re so right, funny how all cultures use, more or less, the same saying ah? goes to prove that whats really important is the same wherever you are 🙂

  5. AGK says:

    Ah, I keep seeing ones I could have used but have forgotten until reminded, like here! Fits well 🙂

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