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Morning Mist

Morning Mist

… all those poor people who live in cities! I was greeted by low, freezing mist this morning. A mixture of high and low cloud. No sunshine. Just beautiful! The light was gorgeous. The moistness had frozen on the metal gates giving their normally smooth surface a rough, textured feel.


  1. Cameron says:

    Nice atmosphere, beautiful surroundings! I agree with your sentiments, we used to be some of those “poor people” living in inner suburban Melbourne, but it wasn’t too bad, as we had the Yarra and plenty of Parkland nearby, but I must admit I do prefer living in “the hills” now! Fresh air is a wonderful thing to breathe!

  2. Jolyon says:

    …as with looking out from the top floor of my workplace, the New England has some truly amazing fogs or low cloud events. I’ve always preferred early mornings, it’s almost like catching the previous night’s events looking guilty…

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